Sibling Support

For those who do not know,  I have a ‘secret’ group on facebook just for post abortive siblings. A place where they can go and chat with others who have been through similar, etc. We are not counselors, and we are open to any religion, political view, etc. If you are interested, send me a message […]

Just To Be Clear

I’ve had a few people lately telling me not all women regret their abortions. So I just wanna make clear that by sharing my reflections and info about sibling pain, etc I don’t expect ALL people to suffer over this issue (or feel comfortable acknowledging it), but wanna bring awareness to the fact that many do […]

Tribute Art

Normally, my posts contain few, if any pictures. This post will be the opposite, in that there will be many more pictures (drawn and photo) than words. You have my permission to share them. Done for those who have lost loved ones in any way: Specifically for those who’ve lost babies. The second one is […]

Emotional Repression

I am sharing this, because I know so many suffering from this, and have dealt with it myself. Please, refrain from any unkind comments, and overlook any grammar or formatting errors. You have permission to share if you think others would be touched: With The Crying: All my life, I’ve internalized Yet I’ve managed to […]

Time For Understanding

This evening I had the great honor of receiving confirmation that my writings are helping non post abortives learn about the pain of post abortive siblings!! :D Thank you to Ashley, for sharing this with me! If any of you have something you’d like to share about how you also became aware, or whatever, feel […]

Why I Speak Up

I have been asked plenty of times, why I speak about my loss so often and so publicly. And frankly, there are several reasons. Initially, the main reason was because there was so little available for or about us post abortive siblings. I had no one to talk to about my pain and such, besides […]

Paying Tribute To My Brother

As some know, the anniversary of mom’s abortion is just under a month away. 2/14/15 will the 20th. And while it is definitely a sad and hard thought, I have decided that even more than in past years I want to celebrate that day, and spend it helping others, especially the hurting. I trust that […]