My Type Of Pro-lifer

Mike Hammer is truly an inspiration to me! He has gotten prolifers of differing religious beliefs to work together to save lives!!
It is my sincere hope and prayer that more people will follow his example! If we are to end abortion, I believe that all sides must work together! There needs to quit being an ‘ideal’ prolifer. Abortion affects all, different religions, ethnic backgrounds, etc. While some would disagree with me, I believe that if the pro life movement were more inclusive, we’d have less pro choicers. What with the graphic images, the declarations that abortion is murder (I’m not denying that it is, but feel that more discretion should/could be used), etc I bet some post abortives do not feel welcome, and despite the fact that it can save lives, are afraid to speak up.
You can read more about Mike Hammer, here:
*It is from a Catholic magazine so does have some spiritual content but I felt it was worth posting for his views and desire to help


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