Our Unseen Defenders

*A note to non Christians, this post regards a lovely thought/meditation, containing spiritual content including my beliefs in Heaven, etc. Please be respectful regardless of whether this comforts you or not.
I was speaking to a fellow sibling tonight, and she mentioned how growing up there were times when she so desperately yearned for someone to defend her. This was such a sad thought to me. I was extra bothered knowing that she did in fact have older siblings, though sadly they all died by abortion.
Suddenly, I felt as if they spoke to me. letting me know that they were there watching over her, comforting her, defending her the whole time. Unseen. The image touched me greatly, so I shared it with her, and it had the same effect. She and I have thought of the special presence of our aborted siblings in our lives before, but not exactly in this way. As a happy bonus, once I told her what I had felt, I felt as though my own brother wanted me to know it wasn’t just my friend’s siblings watching out for her, he was doing the same for me and my family! šŸ™‚
Later, I could almost ‘see’ our siblings, and the millions of others, and the way they intercede for us. I so hope that one day I can turn these thoughts into a meditation. It would also be awesome if graphics could be produced with ‘Our Unseen Defenders’ showing them offering support when their sibling is being teased, abused, etc.Ā While I mentionedĀ siblings helping siblings, I believe, firmly,Ā theseĀ babies are alsoĀ helping theirĀ parents,Ā grandparents, friends, etc.
Hopefully this makes sense and offers comfort to some of our fellow siblings (or loved ones), as it has us.



2 thoughts on “Our Unseen Defenders

  1. Thank you for sharing your reflection. What a beautiful thought, to know that the holy innocents of the 20th century are watching over us all and praying for us. What a beautiful cloud of witnesses. Although they have witnessed our world’s careless, thoughtless destruction of their very lives, now they witness the glory and peace of heaven.

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