Way Way Cool Video/Group

First, I have some very blessed and exciting news: another uncle found out about mom’s abortion today. And responded so beautifully!! This is HUGE for two reasons, especially!! It means there is one more person in this world who will now think twice before speaking ill of a pre/post abortive woman. He may be even more determined to see abortion ended. Also, for the first time ever, I am free to speak about my pro life work in it’s entirety. He lives with us, and I always had to be very guarded with my computer, conversations, etc when he was around. No more now! HUGE answer to prayer. Also, I swear, it seems there is a new peace in the house that was not here a few hours ago! It is my sincere prayer that many more women/men will be similarly treated when they share their stories. I now know from personal experience how much of an effect it can have on someone to keep such a secret. 😦

Now, on to my heading. As soon as I knew he was about to be told, I sent out a prayer request on several of my social media sites. After posting on Prolifebook (www.prolifebook.com) my friend: St. Michael’s Helper told me he had a surprise. I was a bit caught off guard, but excited, since I was so nervous at the time, not knowing how it would go with my uncle. I could use something nice (I also got many nice responses to my request) and he was right! It did surprise. Quite pleasantly! This is what he posted: http://prolifebook.com/video/341/vanished/ Please follow the link. It is a quick video that does exactly what I am trying to do. Raise awareness to the very real pain of sibling, cousin, etc loss in such a delicate, non graphic way!! I have watched it multiple times. Such a delightful discovery. It was done by Virtue Media, a great prolife group I’d never heard of. While they are producing these videos in the hopes of saving the babies from abortion, they are also very much aware of post abortive pain and reach out to those people as well!


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