What I posted On Facebook Today

This is being shared especially on behalf of the women pregnant in unideal circumstances, considering abortion or post abortive!! As the daughter of a post abortive, and the cousin/friend of some who have gotten pregnant unideally, I believe that one huge way to seriously reduce the number of abortions, in a way that should appeal to Christians and non alike, QUIT JUDGING these women. If a women gets pregnant unideally, and is just reprimanded for it, even if she wants to keep the child, she may end up aborting, for lack of support. I’ve known women like that, or who are being abused (sexually/physically, etc), either forced into sex, or abortion! Makes me so upset for these women and their babies 😦:( As for the post abortives, it was hearing my mom speak of abortion to another (not knowing she’d been through it) that made me think more about the horrors. In alot of cases, I bet their testimonies would be more life changing than a bunch of graphic photos. They need to quit being reminded of their ‘sin’ and encouraged to share their stories!! (Sorry this is so long. Sensitive subject. share if you see fit. Please comment RESPECTFULLY)


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