My Feelings On Graphic Images

First off, I just wanna make clear that these are MY feelings (in case the title wasn’t clear enough :P). I have friends on all sides of this issue. So this is not meant to offend.

There are multiple things that cause friction in the pro life movement, such a whether or not a post abortive should be called/treated as a murderer, or whether pro life means to fight for the unborn, alone, as opposed to fighting for the unborn, as well as against the death penalty, etc. But in my opinion, one of the biggest causes of friction within this movement, is the issue of graphic images. There are those that are vehemently against them, those who will use them at all costs, and those who are more in the middle.

Personally, I am very much against them. The first time I saw some, I very nearly got sick. Granted I was not fully aware of the whole abortion procedure, etc, but especially being post abortive myself (I use that term for all affected by abortion, not just parents. I, myself, never had an abortion) I found it to be absolutely horrifying/traumatizing! I found out just recently, that my brother was only about 7 weeks old when he died (so those are likely not pictures of him), but ’til then, I never knew if somehow someone had found and photographed his body. The point is, all those images are of someone’s child. What if they end up seeing them? Or a sibling like me? That’s a horrible ‘introduction’. And truly, whether these women knew the truth of their actions or not, and whether or not they show any sorrow/remorse, I still find it wrong. Especially in public places, on billboards, truck sides or airplane banners, etc. That, to me, is highly offensive, and such an upsetting thought. All the post abortives, children and others who will be worse off for seeing them. 😦 I am more in favor of fetal development models, testimonies, literature describing it, etc. I feel the images are more for providing shock. (not sure if that makes sense). I, personally, strengthened my views against abortion, after hearing mom speak with such knowledge on the subject. The pictures actually turned me away from this movement for awhile. And am sure they have done to others as well.

That being said, I cannot deny, that while it is absolutely not my way of getting the word out, etc. there are those whose hearts and minds have been changed upon viewing these images. It definitely helps some to make a more informed decision, especially when hearing about how safe, common, convenient, etc etc, abortion is.  I have been learning over time, that while I do not agree with their ways of doing it, those who are displaying these images are doing their best to save other babies/families for the horrors of abortion. And as a sibling, that is so greatly appreciated. I just wish that there was more of a middle ground. Put them in pamphlets, videos, etc with a warning attached. I don’t believe a warning would deter everyone, but would definitely help those like me, who are not ready to see them.


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