Dealing Peacefully With Those Of A Different Opinion

Once again, I was blessed by a facebook friend sharing a great link with me! The timing was appropriate, as I was involved with a LONG discussion, that at first was rather tense, dealing with a member, with a rather different opinion than the rest of us.But as time has gone on, more has been revealed about the members and why they are pro life. Pretty awesome stories! It made me realize again, that while I may not agree with the way someone says or does something, it doesn’t mean we are completely against each other. They were respectful as I explained my thoughts on the conversation, and as I got to know more about them, I understood where their passion was coming from! Things are so much more enjoyable on there now 🙂

Anyway, here’s the article. Hope it effects you postively, as it did me! Peace 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dealing Peacefully With Those Of A Different Opinion

  1. If my mother had not had an abortion after being assaulted by a cousin while she was in high school, me and my four siblings would not be alive today.

  2. Sorry, I wanted to share the general information as a “surviving sibling”, but it was rude to not comment on the link. The Center for Bioethical Reform are the people who show up at clinics with huge graphic photos of dismembered fetuses and scream abusive terms at the women going in for health care. They are the last people who should be complaining about rude protesters.

    • I was apart of some of those bioethical reformers who are on a mission to make abortion unthinkable across Canada- who have realized that the efforts being done to stop abortion in the last 40 years have not been working and need to reveal the truth of what aborton does to preborn Homo Sapiens in the first development stage of our own species. I Have never been to one in which the Reformers screamed at anyone, even when some people were vandizing their truck and getting in the way of thier free speach to educate on what abortion really does to a living human in the womb. These reformers go through extensive training to be peacful and powerfulyl educated living wittesses in our time.

      You would have to show me a raw video to prove to me that they were doing the yelling and were not provoked to do so in any way. AS I have access to many videos of them acting very gently, solid in their stance and appropiately to such circomstances and even when we had eggs thrown at us, they were very well behaved and were great examples of what the above article talks about.

      Revealing the truth about abortion in it’s most graphic form helps to reaveal to the unknowing public what abortion really does. If something is unseen, it is tolerated, if a horror is reaveled for what it is, it becomes unacceptable.

      Furthermore, I have never been with that group that have screamed anything abusive in all my times working with them as a volunteer.

      You should take your concerns to them personally as I am sure they would love to hear how to learn to become even better at making abortion unthinkable. Thank you for listening.

      • Can’t find video at the moment, only heard about it from a clinic escort I met. He described the people yelling as having signs that matched the CBER’s usual MO, but I suppose it could have been others following their example, or they just showed up on the same day as the usual abuse-yellers. So I won’t say it was definitely them. As an escort myself, I have never encountered the CBER, but I have had a great many people shrieking abuse at patients. I’m sure they’d also say they’re trying to “make abortion unthinkable” and “reveal the truth” about it.

        I was hoping you’d address my initial post, off-topic though it was. I find the notion that the hypothetical baby of my rapist relative had more of a right to exist than myself, my brothers, or my sisters to be troubling at best.

  3. I can see where you are both coming from regarding the CBER. As you may have seen in my post about graphic images, they are not my cup of tea,but after reading the article, they seemed to be advocating for peaceful discussion, in my opinion.
    I didn’t find your post to be off topic or offensive. I am just slow to answer. I am sorry to know that your mom went through that. 😦 No one deserves that kind of treatment. And I can see what you are saying about not being here if that child survived. I know our lives would’ve been very different too, had my dad not died for example. Had he not died, the brother aborted would not have been conceived in the first place. So while our life is definitely different, and I am thankful for the it, I still miss my brother. Does that make sense? I know that not all siblings feel pain but am fighting for the ones who do to be able to receive healing. Do you or your siblings ever think about the one who died, and miss them? I am guessing not, from your previous answers, but still curious.
    Also, while I personally am against abortion, I really hate when people like you (escorts) are the targets of screaming, insults, etc. I would love for both sides to be able to peacefully express themselves.
    Hope that makes sense. Peace to you and your family

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