My Feelings On The Election

First off, I wanna say that I am SO thankful the elections are over! I found the time leading up to it, as well as that final day, overwhelming, stressful, etc. I didn’t like the way alot of people were acting, from either side. I was dreading all the posts, etc to come from both sides, winning and losing, but thankfully, it is alot  more quiet than I anticipated. 🙂 I am not much into politics, but have to say, I wasn’t very pleased to see that President Obama had been reelected. Mostly due to his views on abortion. I know many others who were very upset by this as well, since we are already fighting so hard to get the truth out about abortion. But honestly, more than being that upset, I just felt more fired up!! Despite what the president says, I wanna do my part to speak to women/men and let them know the truth!! I don’t believe I, alone, will end abortion, but at least these people would make a more informed decision. These feelings of passion are shocking, as I’ve never wanted to be a sidewalk counselor or anything before. But between the election results and finding out that I am relatively close to an abortion ground zero, with 10 clinics in 1 mile (only 1 pregnancy center) I may very shortly may be stepping outside my comfort zone! Big time! Take that, Mr. President! Even with him in office, I believe that if more post abortives were encouraged to share their stories, we can totally reduce abortion! More on that in my  next post


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