Another Sibling Shares

One of my sibling friends has generously agreed to share her reflection, about the loss of her older brother:

My Mother had an abortion less than 2 year before I was born. I have
spent my whole life feeling horrible because I lived and he didn’t. I
had a sister who died right after the abortion of SIDS and I feel that
if she had lived, I probably would have not been here either.
My mother told me that she did it, because the “drs told her there was
something wrong with the baby.” My dad on the other hand says that is
not why she did it. but due to the fact her mother was telling her she
had too many children and to not have another. But who is telling the
truth I don’t know. all I know is I have one less sibling and that is
I do believe I saw his spirit once in my living room and that is how I
know it was a boy, he looked just like my older brother except he looked
a little younger than him. and he was there one second and gone the
next. I named him Jesse, because he didn’t have a name.
My Mom does now regret the abortion.


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