“I Have A Brother In Heaven” – Shannon M.

Here is her story:

Many of you probably do not know that I have a brother in heaven. He was murdered 15 years before I was born (and on a side note, my grandfather was murdered that same year in a bakery shooting). But anyway, yes, the person who could have been my big brother was murdered. He was in one of the safest places a person could be when he was attacked. His body was torn apart and his remains were discarded of as nothing more than garbage. He died as a result of a nationwide epidemic that has been sweeping the United States since 1973. That epidemic was called Roe V. Wade… otherwise known as “legal abortion”. In 1974, merely one year after the outbreak of said epidemic, my mother was 19 years old and found herself pregnant out of wedlock. She was about 3 months along. She was excited about becoming a mother, but someone else was not. My grandmother, who suffered from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (and apparently suffered from a personality disorder as well), threatened to commit suicide if my mother did not have my brother killed. Out of fear for my grandmother’s life, my mother did as she was told. There are so many reasons abortion advocates give for why abortion should remain legal. I would understand the need for one in a situation like an ectopic pregnancy where the baby is most likely going to die if it hasn’t already upon detection and such a condition can harm the mother. But other than those hard cases where the mother AND baby’s physical health are at stake, the rest of the reasons given make me laugh heartily. In my mother’s case…

Was her or her baby’s health at risk? No.

Was he an unwanted child? Yes, but only by my grandmother… no one else had a problem with it.

Was my mother a young teenager who was not capable of raising a child? No, she was 19.

Was the child a “product” of rape or incest? No.

Was my mother’s family so poor that they could not afford another mouth to feed? No. They weren’t rich, I will admit. But they were not poor, either.

So what WAS this about? Embarrassment. Another out-of-wedlock child in the family would have been embarrassing to my grandmother (don’t get me wrong, I loved my grandma dearly, but she wasn’t exactly sane and could be very selfish at times). This was a classic case of coercion. My mother was COERCED into having my brother LEGALLY murdered by a supposed “licensed” professional. And do you suppose that the licensed professional(s) who performed the abortion cared that this was NOT my mother’s own choice? No, they obviously did not. Aside from my Christian beliefs, this is the second most important reason that I am pro-life today. Even if I were not a Christian, this would give me reason enough to oppose abortion on all fronts. Abortion does NOT only affect the mother carrying the child… it affects others, too. The father, the grandparents, and the siblings are affected, too. Even for those who are pro-abortion, shouldn’t we AT LEAST make it law in our country to require the expectant mother to consult with the father, the grandparents, other relatives, and siblings (if there are any) before signing the document that agrees to the termination of her child? I missed out on growing up with a brother that I love dearly even though I never met him and that does more than just bother me slightly… IT ANGERS ME! So you can ask me how I feel about “choice”, but you may not like my answer. Too bad because it is what it is. I am praying for an end to “safe”, legal abortion in this country. I support OVERTURNING ROE V. WADE… the despicable disease that led to my brother’s death. Thanks for reading my story.


One thought on ““I Have A Brother In Heaven” – Shannon M.

  1. Yes, I have had four children in two mariages only the first was planned. But, they all are so loved. I am so glad abortion wasn’t an option at the time I might have thought to do that.

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