‘Only’ Child Finds Out She Has An Aborted Sibling

Here is her story: Just found your page. I am an only child, who found out when I was pregnant at 19 (2003) that I HAD an older sibling. There is no words to decribe how I felt about this beside an incredible amount of anger and sadness/longing for a sibling I would have loved to meet. Parents do not understand how this affects the siblings down the road, even if you don not intend to tell them that you have committed this, eventually the truth will come out. My truth came out when my parents tried to convince me to abort my beautiful daughter because I was unmarried. This year she turned 9 and my son turned 8. At night it sometimes makes me cry with longing when I see how close my kids are, but at the same time I am estatic that they HAVE EACH OTHER. As they were MANY nights I felt so alone growing up, I had hoped it wouldn’t last forever because I would never wish this on my worst enemy. Now, my kids even know what their grandparents chose and it also affects them as well. Sometimes my kids cant stand each other and fight but then I hear one of them say “look i’m sorry we dont need to fight because we will always have each other, remember mommy didnt so we shouldn’t fight” and the fight is over. Since theat day I have lost a lot of respect from my parents, because one lie becomes two which becomes three, etc. From the one selfish act 30 years ago, now has become a daughter who has lost her trust and respect of her parents, one that may never be repaired and Grandchildren who long for their lost aunt or uncle.
Abortion will not only affect the babies’ sibling but their siblings kids and their kids as well. Its not just about the parent that is affraid and wants an easy out, its about your future family.See More

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