Thanksgiving!! :)

Here in America we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. I’m hoping that it is, or has been a very blessing filled day for all of you. Things have been pretty stressful lately, but I realized that I have ALOT to be thankful for! 🙂 In my personal life, as well as my pro life ministry! Here are a few examples. Within the last year:

  • I  have connected with other post abortive siblings and been able to speak freely about my pain and others
  • I attended a retreat exclusively for siblings like us, through the generosity of several sponsors
  • I have written a reflection and had it shared literally worldwide
  • I have made many new pro life friends
  • I have been blessed to be able to share my story so publicly, despite using an acronym (see my reflection called: Susi O Fanabba Vs Renee, if this confuses you). So many have had to (or chosen to) keep silent for so long.
  • I have been respected by most on both sides of the issue, as I share my story.

And thank you to all who are visiting my blog and/or supporting me in any way. I long for the day when there are many more resources available for our healing. Peace be with you all 🙂


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