Siblings Against Abortion

Some of you may have seen my facebook the other day, where I was asking if there is a specific group for siblings against abortion. We have Fathers/Mothers Against Abortion, why not one for siblings? Learning about my brother has made me even more grateful for the siblings I do have around. (Obviously not everyone will feel the same way. And that is fine). Also, I really do believe that some parents would choose life, if they thought about it from our perspective. One of the greatest difficulties for me, and some other siblings I know as well, is wondering why we were chosen, over our siblings. I don’t say this to condemn or bring pain to the abortion minded/post abortive, I am just expressing, honestly, how I feel.

Ideally, if I could start a group by this name, it would be open to all, whether affected by abortion or not, and regardless of religious, political, etc views. Also, only children would be welcomed, as some are only that way due to sibling abortion.  I would like it to be a respect based group, respectfully stating our belief that abortion hurts us, etc., but also allowing the abortion minded to explain why they are feeling that way. If we do this, they will likely be more open to hearing about other options for continuing the pregnancy. I am not too comfortable with words, so I want to live my life in a way that others are curious and want to follow. So if I am ever to change the mind of a pregnant mother, I want it to be with my love and respect. I don’t wanna force my opinion on her, no matter how much I dread the loss of her baby. Besides, I’ve never been pregnant, so it’s easy for me to choose life. Sometimes actually being in that situation is way harder than imagined.

Would anyone be interested in this type of group? I am not sure if there are any legal issues, etc, but hypothetically speaking, if we were able to get one formed is there anyone on here that would like to be involved, etc?


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