‘Unplanned’ Young Woman Recalls Abortion Of Her ‘Unplanned’ Sibling

Growing up I could always tell that my family was incomplete. There was my older half siblings from my day’s previous marriage, me, my younger sister and then my parents. When I was little I felt like there should be one more of us. The. When I was 12 my mom had uterine cancer so she had to have a hysterectomy so I knew that there would never be another one of us. Still I was so confused because I felt like something was missing. When I was about 14 my mom told me about her abortion. She said that when she was 24 she became pregnant. Her parents were divorced when she was 2 and she didn’t get along with her mom at all. Her mom always told her kids that if they got pregnant then they were out of the house. So my …

mom decided to have an abortion. That was 8 years before me. I was an unplanned baby and kinda the same as my older sibling. When she had the abortion they told her that it was not a baby until 4 weeks. Well anyways my parents became pregnant with me before they were married. Before I was born they were married, actually by mom was 7 months pregnant when they were married. I think what hurts the most is that I was the same way as my sibling. We both were unplanned, but yet I was chosen. I go on the march for life every year with my youth group and we watch this movie about the effects abortion has on parents and how the lady in roe vs wade has changed her stance on abortion. Anyways when I watch that movie I sit there and I think, that should be me. All the things that those parents were talking about what happened to their baby should have happened to me. In my mind I shouldn’t be here right now, but for some reason I am. My younger sister doesn’t know about my mom’s abortion because she is not mature enough. Sorry this is so long I just thought that I should share.

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