Wise Words

Wise words I saw this and to me it totally applies to BOTH sides!! I’ve mentioned plenty of times that while I am against abortion, especially after being so hurt by it, I have a real problem with condemnation against the pro choicers, post abortives, etc. Not to say I agree with them on everything, but they deserve to be treated with respect. In the years between finding out about my brother, and finally deciding to seek out healing, (about 6 years), I was very sensitive to anything pro life, feeling that they were all judgemental, graphic image wielders. Granted, that is not the truth (despite the fact that I have definitely run into some people like that). I only bring it up to say I can understand why some people would consider themselves pro choice. And do not hold it against them. Because of this, I am determined to do my part to encourage unity between both sides (if abortion is to end, I believe that will have a much greater impact then just sharing the facts, etc)! I have met awesome pro choicers, post abortives, abortion minded, etc, and we have a mutual respect. I am so blessed by all my friendships, and wish others would step outside their circles of belief, so they, too, can have that awesome experience! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wise Words

  1. I’m glad that you have found some pro-choicers that are decent and respectful people. So far I haven’t been able to find a single one. Most do nothing but call me names, make fun of the fact that I’m a stay-at-home mother, and are just really nasty people in general.

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