Fighting Together For Life, Despite Differing Religious Views

Last night I joined the 40 days for life group here for their kick off vigil in London. The organisers knows I am a pagan and have welcomed me and asked if other people, regardless of belief, could join. When they pray I do not join, but respect them and remain silent. Some of the people there were a bit taken aback by me and a few of the older ones moved away from me. But, on the whole they have been more than welcoming. We are divided in our religious beliefs, they are not into birth control and do not believe in same sex marriage. I believe in birth control and have no issues with same sex marriage. However, when it comes to being pro life we have solidarity. Pagans, non-Catholics, atheists and everyone else. If you want to join this movement contact the organiser of your local area first to feel out how welcome you will be. This is how I did it.I was attracted to the 40 days for life movement as they are non-violent and do not respond to hecklers. There were about 100 of us and we quietly put up the 40 days for life banner and stood there. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I saw a group of young women come with a massive banner about them being a gay group and stood within feet of us. Then, I saw a table with booze and food get set up. All these people came swooping and some circled behind us all the while shouting. No one from 40 days responded. The pro choicers took out party horns and began blowing bubbles around us. On top of it, some of them were filming us and taking pictures. There were some women dancing right in front of our banner and the signs they carried were just plain old nasty. This was not a pro choice demonstration, but an anti-Catholic one. A radio station was interviewing people and the woman interviewing was obviously pro choice and did not want to let people even finish before she went on the attack.

Every time there was a prayer they would scream obscenities and the most vile stuff about their religion. They began chanting – there is a party in my uterus and you are not invited. And then began accusing some of the male pro lifers that they were checking them (the pro choicers) out and wanting sex with them. At one point one of those fuckers was blowing a horn in my ear and I was getting really pissed off and wanted to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. But, I signed up to use no aggression and have to respect those rules.

I have to say I was shocked and appalled over their behaviour. They were so aggressive that I thought at one point they were going to start attacking us. I think what stopped them was the fact there was a large group of us. If I was someone who wasn’t sure of where I stood on the ground of abortion I certainly would not want to mix myself up with such an unruly lot of ruffians.

But, got to give it up for the 40 days for life crowd. Much respect for the way they conducted themselves in the face of such adversity. At the vigils I attended never seen any of the 40 dayers circle or approach women going into the clinic. They stand peacefully across the road from the clinic where there is a large space and pray. They have a table set up with leaflets and a few signs saying if someone wants help to come speak to them. But, they are non-confrontational.

Later, we went to another clinic where a 24 hour vigil is being held. Some students were speaking to one of the priests and again, it was an attack on the Catholic religion. I had to pipe in and when I said I was pro life and a practicing witch, the look on their face was a Kodak moment. Yet, they were not willing to debate with me as much as they were with the priest. At least one of them finally conceded that babies were losing their lives in abortion clinics. Maybe, one day, this conversation will stick in his mind.

All I can say is I liked the ethos of 40 days for life and I have gained even more respect for the way they behave after last night. I am joining more vigils and hope to be at one tomorrow. Everyone, I urge you to join this peaceful group who act with decorum and dignity. Alexandra

This was written by one of the members of Pro Life Pagans, on Facebook (open to, and respectful of all):
You can also follow them on twitter:

One thought on “Fighting Together For Life, Despite Differing Religious Views

  1. I am blown away by this story! I am in awe of this website, I just read every entry. I was born after abortion was legal, I too could be missing siblings I don’t even know about. Thank you for being so honest and open about your experiences. And thank you so much for standing up for the most vulnerable little ones. It gives them the dignity they deserve to be talked about. I do believe these little ones are waiting in heaven with open arms for their parents and siblings.

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