What I’d Love To See More Of

israel palestine peace i meant to post this last month, and just recently discovered the post was empty. Oops, sorry about that. Unfortunately I no longer remember what I had written, but I liked this picture because it reminded me of what I’d like to see more of. In so many areas of life, but especially between ALL pro lifers (I’ve seen a large amount of division lately, especially between Christians and non) as well as between pro lifers/choicers. As I’ve said before, having been personally affected by abortion, I wanna reach out to ALL letting them know of post abortive pain. And having been repulsed by the pro life movement for a few years, feeling they were judging/condemning my mom and put off by the images, which very well could’ve been my brother (found out just recently that he was aborted too early to look like that), I have a better understanding of why someone might be pro choice. These boys are an inspiration, and I hope and pray they stay safe, and continue to inspire others with their wonderful example


One thought on “What I’d Love To See More Of

  1. Thank you for this. Unity is difficult when people have very fixed views and feel deeply about a subject. However, it is possible (I believe) to both oppose abortion and meet it with compassion.

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