Blessings :)

Happy 2013!! 🙂 While I am hoping for a better year, I can’t help but be very grateful for some major blessings that have come to me this year. To spare you all from a super long post, I will focus just on my pro life related blessings.

  • This year has been the most healing so far, since finding out about my brother. It’s been very painful, but I am more at peace and able to speak more freely about it. My mom has been a HUGE part of that! I appreciate that she had the courage to tell us, and in the last year seems much more willing to speak/reach out (not like she wasn’t before, but it seems more noticeable now). She is an inspiration, and seriously the reason I have these views (more on that in a later).
  • Susi O Fanabba was ‘born this year’, around the anniversary of my brother’s death. Well, the name came about years ago, but I finally put it to use this year. For those who would like more background on this, read my post (in my reflections category) ‘Susi O Fanabba Vs Renee’. When I first started this work, I adopted the name as a way of going under the radar so to speak, but now, I am much more comfortable using my first name. Last name, not so much still.
  • I finally met siblings like me! I was blessed to be able to go to New York (Theresa Bonopartis, Marty, etc HUGE thank you to you) for the sibling day of prayer and healing put on by Lumina. Wow! How overwhelming it was the first time I met one. For some it may not seem like a big deal, but being a PA sibling can  feel very lonely, especially because it is such a painful/controversial issue that we are not always encouraged to share about. It was a very small group, only 4 other siblings, the coordinator (Theresa) and a chaplain. We were given as much time as we needed to share, and as hard as it was, it was so comforting hearing my feelings that I thought were so strange, being shared by another person. It is my hope and prayer that by 2014 there are at least several more opportunities and options for us.
  • I have started a ‘secret’ facebook group exclusively for siblings (please comment here, or message me at the page <– link in the sidebar, if you are interested in joining. It is open to all siblings, half/step siblings, no matter religion,etc). I also have outreach pages on twitter, prolifebook, awestruck, shoutlife, experience project and a skype account.
  • I have become much bolder in sharing my views, and thankfully have met with respect for the most part. I found out recently, that at least a couple other people  have been sharing about my story, to those considering abortion, etc! What a huge honor to find that out :)! This is still quite outside my comfort zone.
  • I started this blog, and in just about 2 months, have had over 1000 views from 21 different countries!!! Wow!!! My message is going international! Big time!! 🙂 That is so awesome! I may never be able to become one of those speakers going all over the world, but still my message is reaching these countries. How cool would it be to have siblings all over the world connecting, helping each other, and spreading the word in their own countries?! If anyone is interested in translating my reflections into a language other than english or spanish, I would so love that. Please let me know.

I am sure there are more, but for now, these are the ones that come to mind. I would love to hear of some of your pro life (and otherwise) blessings.


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