Young Woman Writes To Baby She Was Forced To Abort After Rape

My Dearest Little One,

The day that you were taken from my womb was, and continues to be, the darkest day of my life. I remember as if God was setting the stage for the event, it was gloomy and raining that day. I woke up with my stomach doing cartwheels and my heart in a million pieces knowing what was going to happen and knowing that I had no control over the matter. See, you were conceived because of a rape and I was just a child myself. I was only thirteen when I got the news that you were growing on the inside of me. When I first heard that I was filled with fear and sorrow because I knew that I would have to tell my mom that her boyfriend had raped me. I had every intention of taking that with me to the grave. I didn’t want to hurt her and I was afraid of what he would do if I said anything. After the dust settled and the truth had come out, I realized that even though I was afraid you were the only good thing in a horrible situation. My darling child, I wanted you. I knew that you weren’t to blame for what had happened. That you were the innocent one in a guilty situation. My mother, however, was convinced that you needed to be “dealt with.” As those words came from her I was filled with rage. What did she mean by “deal with you?” I fought her and pleaded with her to let me keep you. She told me if I did we would have to leave her house. That we would live on the streets. I felt as though my back was hard pressed against a wall. She had me cornered and I felt as though “choice” was taken from me. When I awoke from the doctor ripping you out of me I could feel the gaping hole that you left within me. Never had I felt so empty before. A small cluster of tissue, they had said. To me you were my baby and I wanted to kill myself for allowing them to kill you. I’ve never gotten over your absence from my life. I think of you often, of what could have been. You would be turning 12 soon. My solace is that I know you are safe with Jesus. That He takes better care of you than I ever could. I long for the day that we will play together in heaven. I know that the moment I see you I will know exactly who you are. You are my dearest little one. My precious baby and I love you.



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One thought on “Young Woman Writes To Baby She Was Forced To Abort After Rape

  1. Ah dear one. I do understand that you felt you had no choice and truly that is the same as having no choice at such a young age. I can tell that if you knew how to avoid the abortion you would have. It makes me so sad when women and girls are pressured into doing something that is so hard on them by others. God loves you.

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