A Ray Of Hope On A Sad Day

All these reminders of Roe V Wade have been weighing heavy on me lately. It is still strange to think that we were actually personally affected by it. Because of it, we lost our brother, and any future siblings (among other things). I will never again watch my mom’s belly grow with a little sibling (in other ways though! 😉 <– I only put that as a joke in case mom reads this) , experience the ups and downs of a new baby in the house, etc. Those types of thoughts hit me at seemingly random moments, but tuesday it was set off by the news that a former neighbor is expecting. I am very happy for her and her family. They are great, and this baby was a happy surprise for them. But it still hurts, especially because the oldest is 16, I think, and the last time I got to go through that was just before I turned 8. Going onto facebook, I saw that multiple siblings were on, and reached out to a few, wondering if they, too, were suffering from the anniversary. Also, I wanted to share with them what I was feeling about the news, knowing they could likely relate. We had some nice conversations, but then I got an extra special surprise. Knowing that next month is my brother’s anniversary, and it’s already on my mind, and having just gone through a painful anniversary of her own, one of my sibling friends has agreed to sponsor a weighted teddy bear in my brother’s honor! So now when I get the urge to hug him or feel his presence, I can hang on to the bear! 🙂 I was so touched and now have something to look forward to, as it’s gonna take some time to order and deliver. But it’s cool. In the process, I found out about two great groups/people offering memorial teddy bears. The first one I heard about is: Molly Bears ( http://mollybears.com/ or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MollyBearsOrg) They are a lovely group, helping out those affected by infant loss (up to 12 months). Abortion is NOT included though, which is a bummer. But, I’m still getting a teddy bear, remember?! 🙂 Because of the generosity of Melissa Lane. After losing her own daughter, she is reaching out to help others, in multiple ways. To learn more about her amazing story go to: (www.theemptycookie.blogspot.com, or http://www.calypsosocean.com/index.html). You can see a pic of the teddy bears on her Etsy page: http://www.etsy.com/listing/121363066/weighted-bear Please consider sharing these links, and if you are able, perhaps you can help them out, as they both run on donations. Just as I received comfort from that sibling’s gesture, I hope others can feel that too.



One thought on “A Ray Of Hope On A Sad Day

  1. Thank for this post, You have a flare for writting that makes one feel like you really care for each one who reads this. I am so thank full you are getting a bear to hug during the hard times, my own teddy bear waves hello. Keep up the good work! and hug your new coming fuzzy friend often, HAVE A GOOD DAY!

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