Abortion/Due Date Anniversaries

As some of you know, my siblings and I found out not only about our brother, but also the date that he died. And for that I am so grateful. It has brought such closure, and made it so that mom no longer has to deal with that painful knowledge in silence. She knows that she is totally free to express herself with us, sad or whatever. And has made the same offer to us šŸ™‚ But in my gratitude, I have become much more aware of those who have not had the same. My heart goes out to them and I wish I could reach out to ALL who are suffering from an anniversary and comfort them somehow. Yet, at the same time, even when I do know, I am unsure always of how to handle it. Some want to talk about what happened, others not. But I always keep them in thought and prayer. It can be so frustrating to see other people around you going about their daily lives, or celebrating some event, totally unaware of your pain. I long to see way more parents and siblings being encouraged to share their stories, with no fear of judgement from either side.


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