Love From Above

*This does have spiritual content, so if you are turned off by that you may want to skip this post. But I hope you choose to read it, and perhaps find comfort in what I share. It is the recollection of multiple special experiences, and my opinion on them. I’m not trying to convert anyone. Again, please be respectful if you choose to comment.

In tribute to Joey and in honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to write of a different, but oh so special type of love that I have been the recipient of many times over. The love of those who have gone before me. While I can not physically see them, I strongly feel their presence, prayers, support, etc. Some are relatives, others my nursing home friends, etc. There are even some I never met on this earth, but whose lives and/or stories made an impact on me.  While I can give many examples of their love and assistance, I will focus on a few from the last group, consisting of the aborted. Within the last few months I have adopted, so to speak several babies lost to abortion. I prayed for them and their families while they were in the womb, and continue to this day to pray for and try to reach out to their parents/siblings. I feel them doing the same, and praying for me as well.

One day after finding out about yet another abortion from someone I had been praying for, I was dealing with surprisingly strong pain/sadness/whatever, even though I knew she had been planning it. My family decided to take me out to a movie to cheer me up. I wasn’t sure it would work, but went just the same. Walking through the parking lot at the theater, my mind was very much on the newest member of my Heavenly family. Especially my group of babies, who I always see as hanging out with Joey. Just then I looked down and saw a single flower on the ground! It felt like it was his way of saying hello and that he was close to me, and his family. It was definitely a spirit booster! And as a bonus, as we were watching the credits, so many names popped up, including the names of all but one of my special babies! Again, it felt like they were all saying hello and trying to comfort me. As we were leaving the theater, I was teasing the one whose name had not been there and asked where his gift was. Right after that, I glanced over at the wall on one of local businesses, and there were the words: Feel Better!! I kid you not!! I was definitely beyond touched! I had special love from all my little friends! No offense to the others, but I and M win the prize for most charming 😉

As I said, that is just a small example. Another time I felt greatly loved was when a dear friend who also lost siblings to abortion made me a graphic with their names, as well as few others who have gone before us.

Bad Batteries Squared

One more example of this type of love: One night I was praying for another post abortive sibling who was missing her sister. When I mentioned it to yet another one, she told me she would pray and sent me this: karenabiandjoey this touched me alot, as both of them lost older sisters and I lost my youngest brother!

Hope you all enjoyed these and are inspired to share some of your own! I love stories like this. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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