More Awareness!!! :)

This week has been exciting for me, regarding my post abortive sibling ministry!! For 3 days in a row, someone has brought to my attention, an article or pic spreading the word about our suffering!
First, a friend sent me a link to a Live Action article (the second about us in just a month I think) talking about how Rachel’s Vineyard reaches out to us:
Yesterday, I found out that it was also published by LifeNews ( )!! The more, the merrier!! Both these sites have many international readers. Mine seems to be reaching more of them now too!!
Another friend, posted this on my facebook page, and it is seriously one of the best graphics I have ever seen about this issue. I know ‘only’ children that can relate completely. But even I, in some way can relate:

'only' child

It means so much that my friends have my back, and look out for that kind of thing. Post abortive sibs themselves or not. In addition to sharing pics, articles, videos with me, they are sharing my stuff too! My blog links, my CNN Ireport ( ), my facebook page (Abortion Hurts Siblings And Others <– link in the left sidebar), letting others know about my ‘secret’ group there exclusively for us (message me at the page if you are interested in joining, or would like some more information). These are just a few of the examples of their kindness. I have also been blessed with the respect of many pro choicers! We don’t agree on everything, but they still genuinely wish me well, etc.

I also wanted to let you all know (and please spread this around) of the upcoming Day Of Prayer And Healing For Post Abortive Siblings (the only retreat, anywhere, that I am aware of, exclusively for siblings). It is hosted by Lumina, in New York on Saturday the 20th of April. I know it is short notice, but hopefully at least some can make it. I went last year, and it brought such healing. For the first time ever, I was in the presence of other siblings who had been through the same. I shared my story with such freedom, not dealing with judgement, etc!! It was incredible to be hearing someone say out loud something I had been going through! Something that feels so strange, or whatever, is also being experienced by these siblings. We share a common bond, even though all our stories are quite different from each other. Hope that made sense. Here is a link to their page about the retreat: I encourage you to have a look around the rest of the site too. There are multiple sibling reflections, a prayer for them to say, etc.

That’s all for now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, celebrating or not. Peace 🙂 And again, thanks for reading, and spreading the word, etc


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