Powerful And Happy Easter Experience

This was written by a post abortive sibling this morning after an uplifting experience, with her kids who have died, her siblings and even my siblings were there!! 😀 Likely some can relate, as I can. As always, please be respectful.

I woke up this morning  to a beautiful sight. I have a large bassinette that holds many of my own angel babies larger items. This was also my hiding place for my living kids Easter stuf this year. I woke, and  a crowd of litle spirit has surrounded the basket. Mine were easy to spot, Angel with her mop of Sandy blonde wavey hair, Devan and his spikey redhead, Jeremiah  and his light brown ringlets ( much like his survivng twin when I let Gabe’s hair grow out.) it was the rest that were unfamiliar to me, at least in a physical form. I knew thier spirits, because I had felt them many times, but seeing them in the flesh, as it were, was a new experience. My brother Jon has the same light brown color as my brother as I though he has more bits of blonde weaved in ,and my twin siblings Avery and Bailey with thier Jet black hair with just the slightest bit of wave too much to call it perfectly straight.My friends siblings too were among the group. Joey had had more of a sandy blonde hair color.  Chole was the one who stood out though, I really only got a brief glimpse of the rest ( not even a good enough look to catch the eye color). She stood, back turned to me in a sweet little pink and white ruffled dress, despite beging chronologically older than many in the group she was actually very short,  nher back was always turned to me but at one point she made a motion that resembled a soundless laugh.  Her long jet black hair flowing, as she kicked her back look up and stood in a ballerinaesque pose. If it wasn’t for the very slight height difference ( Chloe being just a tad taller) she would almost look like a triplet to my twin siblings Avery & Bailey. Something drew me too her, usually I’m too awestruck to move, but for some reason I wanted to touch her, but as I moved closer they all faded a way. I can still feel her spirit where she stood in my room though.

Hope you all had a happy day, celebrating or not.


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