Rarely Mentioned Group

First off, no doubt some of you saw my previous post about Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, and the pictures I attached. Unfortunately, the name is trademarked, so I had to take down all posts and pics about it : / Bummer, as I was totally not trying to step on any toes, or take credit from some one, etc. Oh well. I am explaining that in case anyone was curious.

Moving on: tonight I began thinking of a rarely mentioned group of post abortives, survivors, whatever you want to call them. Those who have lost their mothers to botched abortions. I feel so bad for them, as I know both the pain of losing a sibling to abortion, and losing a parent young. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose two close loved ones at once, and in such a violent way. I was upset to see that nothing came up when I did a search for children who lost their mothers to abortion 😦 I know what that is like, to have very few resources available for your healing. Hopefully, more will begin thinking about them and reaching out. To the caretakers as well. Let us try to keep them all in our thoughts and prayers. If you happen to be one, or know of one and would like to share your/their story, let me know. I’d be happy to post it here, named or anonymous.

Also, my trip is fast approaching (4/11 and 4/12) so I would greatly appreciate prayers, good thoughts, etc for all of us involved. Many thanks to the people at Facing Life Head On for this awesome opportunity!! I am sure many lives will be affected and I am honored to be taking part.




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