National Sibling Day

Apparently, today is National Sibling Day, which I thank Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust for bringing to my attention! Mostly, so I can remind my sibs that they need to honor me, while conveniently ignoring the fact that they should be honored too! 😛 For real, I am very grateful for all 4 of my siblings. The three on earth who have dealt with me during my rough times, supported me, taught me patience, etc. And my littlest brother, Joey, whose loss made me see things so differently! I miss him and feel pain at his loss, but at the same time I sense his special presence with me often. I feel he’s my main partner in this pro life work. Hope you all can relate to siblings like these. My heart goes out to those who can also relate to the pain of sibling loss.
I leave tomorrow night (9:40 pacific time) for New York, film my segment of the show (Facing Life Head On) about 9 hours later and 8 hours after that I am on a plane home. So please keep me in thought and prayer. You are in mine.
Peace to all of you. 🙂

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