I Have A Dream

My dream for post abortive siblings in the future, is that in addition to retreats, counseling options, online support groups, etc there will be more opportunities for ‘meet and greets’. Casual, open to all religious beliefs, just a safe place where for a few hours they can get together and meet others who have been through the same thing. I believe that great healing and joy can come from something like this! It happened to me when I went on the Lumina retreat last year, as well as the episode filming last month and my facebook group. So powerful sharing with other sibs!! I also hope that one day, we siblings (and others) will be much freer to speak up about our loss, without worrying about our parents being condemned, etc as I have had to deal with. I believe that if more siblings spoke up about their pain to the abortion minded it could very well make a positive impact! Even non post abortive siblings might want to speak up, saying how grateful they are for the ones they have, or how they long to have one, etc. If anyone on facebook is interested, and not yet aware, I invite you to ‘like’: Siblings Against Abortion ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Siblings-Against-Abortion/586407808051284?fref=ts ) Feel free to share the link/spread the word!

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