Coming Up Quick!

Some of you may remember when mom and I were on the radio, a few months back ( <– podcast link). It was such an honor to be working together with her on this! She is my grandest supporter, always praying for me, sharing my links, speaking about me to others, etc. I know there are many siblings less fortunate than me, who are supposed to keep the knowledge of their siblings to themselves :/ Such a heavy burden. Hopefully in time that will change, and more siblings can/will feel comfortable speaking up. I truly believe that our testimonies can make a difference and change some minds. This Sunday (9pm EST) mom will go back on the show, talking about her abortion (you can get some background here: ), her decision to tell us the truth, etc. I encourage you to tune in if you can.

Also, coming up, on the 11th, I have my first invitation to speak to a church group about my outreach. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I am excited, but a little nervous at the same time.

One last thing, the SIMCHA retreat ( ) will take place this Saturday in Rochester, NY. Please keep them in thought and prayer.


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