Post Abortive Sibling Reflects On Roe V Wade, Doe V Bolton

*Shared with permission from a dear friend’s blog:

Today is the 40th memorial anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court Roe v Wade decision which overturned state laws which had criminalized abortion. Along with the companion case of Doe v Bolton. This is how abortion became legal in the U.S., through all 9 months of pregnancy. Tragic.

So once again I’ve been thinking about how I was very nearly one of the more than 55 million babies that have been killed in their mother’s wombs, denied the right to life, since Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton 40 years ago today. It’s still completely overwhelming and heartbreaking.

Every single person in my mother’s life including my grandparents told her to abort me, yet she for some reason spared me… this despite aborting two babies before me and one baby after me… only survivor of 4… Why me? A question I’ve pondered many times… biological father unknown… the possible result of rape. But you know, how I was conceived does not diminish my humanity or my value as a person, neither did my location of residence before I was born.

The holocaust of babies killed in the womb – the place that is to be their safe haven from the world, protected by their mothers until they are ready to meet the world, has become the most dangerous place for a baby to be – is an unconscionable travesty of our times!

We know SO much more about fetal development now than we did back in the 70′s when this abhorrent practice became legal. We are now without excuse. Funny how when the baby isn’t wanted, it’s simply a fetus, meaningless tissue to be disposed of, yet when it is wanted, it’s always a baby and never called a fetus. Semantics. To make people feel better & justify what they are doing.

Babies are not tissues, like a tumor, they have hearts – abortion STOPS a beating heart – and organs and we know they feel pain in the womb. (Watch “The Silent Scream”)

I will not justify murder and excuse it. Nor will I call it a choice. It’s not a woman choosing to remove a tumor from her body, but a developing human child. Wrong. And we will be accountable to God!

I am SO thankful to be among the living today and am remembering my 3 siblings who were not so fortunate :(

That said, if you have ever had an abortion, there is forgiveness in Jesus if you confess it to Him & ask Him to forgive you. There are also people you can talk to. Here’s one such place – There are many, just google post abortion support. My hugs & prayers are with you ♥

Also, there is also support for men who have been affected by abortion too, such as And you can also google post abortion support for men (or dads) for more resources, whether you had a say in the abortion or not. *hugs & prayers*




One thought on “Post Abortive Sibling Reflects On Roe V Wade, Doe V Bolton

  1. Some people wait for the chance given by God and wait the day of the baby born to this world but yet they got the disappointment because the fetus died in the mother’s womb before the expected day delivery.
    For them, the baby is the celebration of the family and it is sad to see when they bought everything for the baby before the baby is born but finally they end up with sad waiting.
    If given a chance, some people want to be a mother so much but some people deny the responsibilities by dumping the baby after give birth.
    If you are given chance, will you choose abortion? Remember that children are the gifts from God.
    If given a chance, the baby also wish to has chance to see the world.
    (This cruel abortion only refers on the case where the mother ends the chance to see the baby grow up and exclude the cases where the threatening pregnancy which affects the mother’s health)

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