Abortion Survivor Who Lost Her Twin Speaks Of Selective Reduction

A question came across my Newsfeed today, asking if you found out that you were pregnant with twins, but only wanted one baby, would you abort. I am in a unique position to answer that question, and I REMEMBER some of the events in the womb, including the abortion that took my twin sister Leanne’s life. Here is my response that I wrote. I pray that the parents will keep BOTH babies.
I am a surviving twin. My twin sister was aborted, but my life was miraculously saved because they didn’t know about me and they missed me. I found out about all this about a year and 1/2 ago, and I have grieved and cried more tears over the loss of my twin than I have over the fact that my mother tried to abort me. I sense her loss so keenly. I am the only person who ever knew her, but I DID know her. We were connected as only twins are. Though I only found out about all this on a conscious level recently, I have “known” on some level my whole life. I have spent my life trying to figure out what the “deep dark secret” was that I have ALWAYS sensed, but could never put my finger on. The surviving twin will know, on some level, that his or her twin was killed, and it will profoundly impact their entire life, even if you never tell them the truth. I am speaking from experience. Now that I know the truth, I can look back on literally hundreds of things, events, behaviors, fears, etc, and see that they are all rooted in the abortion that killed my twin sister. So my counsel to the parents would be, please keep both twins. If you abort one, you would literally be destroying something inside the surviving twin that can never be recovered. They are both there for a reason, and they matter! It may seem difficult now, but they will be worth it in the end. They are part of each other. I still cry for her, and the song from the Titanic movie, “My Heart Will Go On” is my song that I sing for her. “You are safe in my heart and my heart will go on.” Please let both babies live.

To read more from her, visit her blog at: http://terrilapoint.wordpress.com/


4 thoughts on “Abortion Survivor Who Lost Her Twin Speaks Of Selective Reduction

  1. Very,very powerful testimonial; thank you for sharing it. We have tens of millions of loving intercessors in the Holy Innocents now with God; let us appeal to Him and to them for healing and to help us end legalized abortion, the most colossal humanitarian disaster in the history of mankind. God is at work in you!! +

  2. I also lost a twin. It is amazing to hear another story. I find it miraculous that we both had/have the same feelings! I always felt a sense of loss and that I was missing something form a Very young age!

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