Revealing The Hard Truths

Today, one of our dogs passed away. And while she was oldish, it came as quite a shock. Mom was the one that told us, and while she was upset, she also tried to extend as much comfort as possible. Watching her, my heart goes out to her. But it’s made me think of the much more painful things she and many of my friends have had to tell others. Having to tell of an unplanned pregnancy, letting others know that they were considering abortion, or keeping their babies (both can be very difficult to reveal), telling others, especially children or spouses of a past abortion, etc.

I just wanna say to them: I admire you for speaking up in the first place and am so sorry for any persecution you’ve undergone. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Most especially, if you are playing the role of comforter as well, like mom did. Peace to all of you.

As painful as sharing can be sometimes, my heart goes out to those who are unable to open up. May they find someone they can trust and get some healing.

Peace to all of you readers





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