Post Abortive Father Uses Poetry To Express His Grief

*This was shared on my facebook page. I do not know this father personally, but my heart goes out to him and all others who can relate:


The pain of abortion

Discuss it with caution

Because just taking on abortion

It’s like being held to extortion


Clinics make it and fake it

Religion hates it and states it

Poor men are not allowed to rate it

But our poor women have to wear it

How do they bear it?


They’re our mums, our sisters, wives and friends

It’s up to them in the end

But it can drive everyone around the bend


So to all these beautiful girls going through hell

Just slow down a bit

You got more time just to sit

And listen to everyone for a bit


Take on all the views

And think about this hard

In your mind

In your heart


Your lover, your mother

It could even be your brother

And if we all help each other

It will make it easy for us to recover


But in the end it is abortion

We looked at it with caution

But don’t let any one group confuse you with distortion

Stop and listen

To everyone’s position


So we don’t make a big mistake

For everyone’s sake


It’s too late for me, my baby’s dead

I’m tired but can’t go to bed

My wife she still cries

And I know there’s been lies


And you could never blame her

Because she can’t read

And I wasn’t there

It’s not bloody fair

I should have been there


Two weeks catching fish

But you know what I wish

Those people that talk

at the clinic they squawk

Maybe they could have put in a cork

And rang me to talk


Because Nessa

A beautiful mother

And wouldn’t hurt another

So you can call me a cynic

They stuffed up at the clinic


One hour to talk

It takes longer to learn

About a baby you burn

So now is my turn

I need you to learn

You should hold a longer class

To kick this in the ass


I’ve known my wife 26 years

And you talked to her

As long as it takes to drink two beers

And if your counsellors were smart

They’d talk to me for a start

Because we are never apart

And maybe she’s not that smart


But you invaded our life

It nearly pulled us apart

You put a needle in my baby’s heart

You know how that hurts for start?


You opened her cervix

Then sent her home

All alone


When I seen her there

With that look of despair

I can’t forget that day

And what she had to say


I have so much pain in my heart

I don’t know where to start


But that’s not the finish

My baby’s inside her

Just lying there dead

Now get that in your head

I couldn’t go to bed


I couldn’t believe it

Then I started to grieve it

It made me cry

I couldn’t understand why

I kept asking her why


I started to get mad

It’s bloody sad


So all the next day

She’s all alone

I talked on the phone


While you remove my son

He was gonna be a person


My missus said she didn’t know how big he was

That he would have looked like a baby

You should have showed her a picture

On the net

Then maybe my son I would have met


But instead we’re crying

I feel like I’m dying


I’m the alpha male

And you have heard part of my tale.



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