Abortion Survivor Raised As An ‘Only’ Child After Losing Her Twin

I lost my twin to abortion 😦 My mother was forced into it as her sperm donor was young and just wanted to have fun. She found out she was pregnant the week she missed her period and proceeded to have an abortion in her family practitioners office, she was about 7 weeks at the time. Everything went fine although she was extremely emotionally scarred 😦 Sperm donor ditched her already by this point and she felt very alone. About a month later she went back to her doctor for some pain and sickness she was still having and that day they found out she was still pregnant, about 12 weeks, I had survived and thrived! Sperm donor tried to get her to abort again and she refused this time and said her baby was a miracle and survived for a reason! I often wonder what it would have been like to grow up with a twin and have someone be so close to me but instead I grew up an “only” child 😦 I hated being an only child! My mom has always called me her miracle baby, I never knew why until I was in high school and she finally told me the truth!
Now I am a married adult with kids of my own and I am truly blessed bc I have my own set of twin girls! :’) They are 2 and a half and the best things that ever happened to me! I also have a 7 month old daughter! 3 beautiful girls to love and care for! I know I was meant to be here for them and I cherish it every day! Life is precious!

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