Different Reactions

I just read an article the other day, about another post abortive sibling. Though, to my somewhat surprise, he was not speaking out in pain like I, or the siblings in my testimony category have, he was actually speaking in defense of legal abortion. After reading, I started to understand why. His mom was traumatized by an illegal abortion. So in his eyes, as in the eyes of many, having it readily available is a kind thing. While I personally do not agree, as my mom and so many others I know were traumatized by their legal abortions, I know what it’s like to be defensive of my mom. As do many other siblings.  While some of us may mourn for the siblings we never had a chance to meet, and others have a hard time feeling any attachment to them, we’ve often had to watch our parents struggle. For years following, which can be  much harder to deal with in some ways. I have seen a lot of anger towards him, and while I do not agree with all he says, I respect his opinion, as I want others to respect mine. Who knows. Had I been raised under different circumstances, I might feel the same. I have been blessed with a number of pro choice friends, who respect my opinion, support my work, etc. Because I respect their opinion. My hope is that more people can learn to get along that way. Try to find some common ground, etc.


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