‘Older’ Sibling Loss

I dedicate this post to my extended families. Both sides have experienced sibling loss and my heart goes out to them. Hugs, family! ❤

Tonight there are 6 young men and women mourning the loss of their sister. While her death was somewhat expected, it still came as a painful shock. Those 6 are my cousins, and my heart breaks for them. I think part of that has to do with the loss of my own brother. I feel so much pain over his loss, even though I never met him, and for nearly 11 years didn’t even know he existed. How much worse (in some ways) it must be for people like my cousins, and aunts and uncles and so many who have lost siblings at an older age. They actually got to know the person and will feel their absence, as will others outside the family who also had a chance to know them.  While my siblings and I learned at a very young age not to take people/things for granted, after hearing about my cousins or someone else going through that pain, it makes me even more grateful for the siblings that I do have.

Not sure if this makes sense. But regardless, please keep my whole family in your thoughts and prayers during this time


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