Adding Salt To A Wound

salt in the wond pic

This blogpost is being dedicated to a dear friend of mine, who has recently had much salt poured into many already painful wounds, in the form of truly hateful comments on a post abortive testimony she wrote trying to spare others from going through the same hell she did. In the beginning, the commenters were unaware of some very recent trauma. I expected that when they found out, they would show some sympathy and back off. Nope!! Sick!! They only got worse. This bothered me on a number of levels. For one thing, these were ADULTS!! They should know better and not keep intentionally hurting someone. This is a very likely reason why we have so many angry and violent children. It also bugs me because so many times I have stood up for the other side (of any issue, not just pro life/choice), saying that it was possible to have respectful dialogue, while not agreeing with them, which is something I’ve been very blessed to experience first hand.

It is my sincere wish that people of all ages learn to peacefully handle disagreements, stop trolling, etc so that others like my friend can stop going through such hell. Why must someone always insert a contrary opinion?!

Please keep in your thoughts and prayers my friend and all other victims.


3 thoughts on “Adding Salt To A Wound

  1. They must be very hurt and angry. It’s hard to believe that a person could be so cruel to another… especially when in so much pain.

  2. This is so very true! The evil and hate coming from those people were sick And disgusting… How will children grow up with respect out morals when there’s so many adults that have neither… It should be a crime what some of those people posted. The only thing that gives me peace is heyy will have to answer to God for there hate. If I didn’t have that peace I very weep may have tracked them down and put a fist down there throats to shut them up. But I know God will ask them why and that will be worse then anything anyone could do.

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