Pregnancy And Infancy Loss Awareness (PAILA) Month

Thanks to a *friend of mine, as well as a facebook group for those who have experienced losses, I have been made aware that in addition to being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Respect Life Month in some places, it is also the month dedicated to remembering those who have died in the womb and in early infancy (Here’s more info about it if you are interested: ) .  While I have not lost any children or siblings in this way, I’ve lost a number of relatives and have many friends who know this pain all to well.  So I have decided to take do my part to help raise awareness and participate in a special memorial (which I will be dedicating to all my friends and readers who know this pain first hand) on the night of the 15th. Some will be lighting candles at 7pm, others participating in a prayer vigil, etc. The link I posted above has more suggestions for what you can do, as well as a list of activities taking place, state by state. I am hoping that as time goes on, and awareness spreads, the lists will be MUCH bigger. While we are less than a week from the date, please consider spreading the word and sharing the link.

*For anyone interested, the friend who posted about this initially, has a facebook page for her business, where among other things, she makes memorial jewelry for those who have been through baby loss. Consider taking a look, and maybe even purchasing for you or a friend:
The facebook group I mentioned is a closed group, primarily for parents who have lost children. Here is the link for those interested:



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