Sibling Inspired To Share After Reading The Testimony Of Another

Here is a comment I received on one of the testimonies. Thank you to this sibling for the permission to share:

I too have a welcome committee in heaven, two older half-siblings that I just know are with Jesus. I am truly excited to meet them. I know they have lived in the presence of Love for practically their whole lives so I fully anticipate their loving, forgiveness-filled reception of my mom- their mom- who gave her heart to the Lord and received the free gift of salvation when I was a freshman in college, just months after I received Jesus’ lordship for myself. I probably wouldn’t have been born if either of my siblings had been allowed to live. My mother married after her abortions and then, after a couple years, she had an affair- and I’m the product of that illicit union, which comes with its own set of lies and messages to overcome, especially with the ugly divorce that followed. But God has started a good work in me and in my family, and he is replacing lies with truth and healing all the brokenness. And I’m learning that I must squarely face the truth about my mom’s sins and owning my own responsibility before the Lord to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you were able to forgive your mother and that your image of your father was restored. I rejoice with you that your siblings are real, loving relationships waiting for you in heaven.


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