On Bashing And Writing Off The ‘Enemies’ (Part 1)

I wrote this on facebook the other day. Normally I am not comfortable writing something like it, but am getting tired of all the bashing I hear, almost daily, from both sides. At a later date, I will share more about this
One thing to keep in mind when dissing the pro aborts/pro choicers, is that some of the greatest pro lifers were once in that position too. Some of the greatest speakers against abortion are the women who have had them, or the men who lost children (willing or unwilling) and know first hand the hell that results. I think by bashing them, or trolling them, etc we cause them to put up a wall and become defensive. If I were a pro abort who was starting to feel the desire to speak or whatever, I doubt I would be comfortable with someone who has spoken so harshly to and/or about me. Which is why I do my best to reach out in love, whether I agree or not. My mom was once in the position where she felt abortion was her only option, and had little support. I want to help women like her. Also, some who do not speak outwardly against abortion may be like I was for a long time: against it, and personally hurt by it (sibling, etc) but are afraid to speak out, feeling they are betraying the parents they still love

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