Longing For The Protection Of An Older Sibling

*This was a comment that a new sibling to my ‘secret’ facebook group posted. For anyone else that can relate, feel free to message me on my page ‘Abortion Hurts Siblings And Others’ or leave a comment. Any words of encouragement, etc will be passed on to her

Thank you for adding me Susi O Fanabba it really would’ve been nice to have my sibling that was killed by an abortion being the oldest child protecting my Lil sister and brother from everything that happened when we was little and me practically raising my Lil brother I have learned of other siblings of mine as my Dad thinks it funny to have children and not know or tell us about that there is a long mess up story but it really would’ve been nice to have that sibling it would’ve been 4 yrs older than me and I would’ve had somebody to lean on as our world was crumbling around me and my Lil sister then me at 14 move in with my Dad to take care of my baby brother but they don’t appreciate anything I’ve done I’m still the motherly type for then and I’m always who they call for help for anything but it really would be nice to have my older sibling maybe it could’ve protected me and I wouldn’t of had to of seen the things I’ve seen as a child I never got to be a kid I was always so worried about my Lil sister and my nerves as a kid was shot so bad I puked my eye lashes and eye brows out at the age if 5 or 6 yeah like I said its a horror story my childhood but it made me fight harder not to be like my parents so I’m a beret person from it but I’m still traumatized from it all I have allot of problems still with allot of different things like trusting ppl and anxiety of public places and PTSD from it all


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