For My Brother’s Upcoming Anniversary

This Valentine’s Day marks 19 years since I became the sibling of an aborted baby. It’s painful, yes, but I have been blessed in many ways since then. An example is that every Valentine’s since then, mom has tried to make it a special day for all of us, for almost 11 years giving no indication of her pain. So inspiring! When we found out the anniversary date, we also tried to do even more for her (I always used to pray for her thinking she was probably missing my dad).
Recently, I was dreading the upcoming anniversary, but decided rather to create a facebook event in tribute to my mom and brother. It’s called: ‘Will you ALL be my valentines?’ and the goal is to encourage people to act as my mom has for so many years. Just doing acts of love and kindness to brighten someone’s day. Even just a card, email or smile (all which are little or no cost) can go a long way. I know Valentine’s can be hard for many, because they are single, etc so I am hoping this cheers them up
You are cordially ‘invited’, and I ask that you consider spreading the word.


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