One Sibling’s Feelings On The March For Life

this year was my 5th year going on the march for life. My 3rd year going since I found out about my missing sibling. I feel that I need to go and stand up for what I believe in for my siblings sake. I understand that it is defiantly a controversial topic even here. I just feel like I need to stand up for everyone else that doesn’t have a say( the babies). It is extremely hard for me to go. I agree that something needs to change, but I do agree that some of the prolifers need to back off a little. If I stated all my feeling and belifs it would be way to long, but I do believe that they defiantly shouldn’t show any graphic images. They are so hard to look at because it is what happened to my sibling and for all I know I could be looking at a picture of them. This year my group went to the holocaust museum. In there they have a room full of shoes that were worn in the concentration camps and a railroad car that they drove some of the innocent people to their deaths. You could smell the leather on the shoes and the small container like smell in the car. It really upset me. I understand the holocaust was terrible. By all means I am not trying to make light of it, but there is something greater right now that is taking so many greater lives than that and it’s the abortion industry. It hurts me so much because no one seems to care. They all say that what we are feeling have nothing to do with the abortions. It just seems so hopeless sometimes because if we could change just a couple things we could potentially save so many more people. With something as little as requiring women to have a ultrasound before having an abortion. Something as little as that has changed some many people’s choices


4 thoughts on “One Sibling’s Feelings On The March For Life

  1. Hey, Can I make a suggestion? I think it would be less confusing if you posted somewhere that these blogs that aren’t you writing are, well, not you. Use aliases or just put: From another surviving sibling. With only your name it makes you look like the author of every blog entry.

    Keep up the good work!


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