The Challenges Of Being Pro Life And A Non Christian

This post is a little all over the place, but bear with me.

More often than not, the pro-life argument takes on a religious perspective. While there is nothing wrong with being religious, or citing religion as your reason to be against abortion, I argue that you do not need religion at all to believe that abortion is wrong.
There is no denying that all human beings (perhaps excluding people with certain mental disorders) share an intrinsic set of morals. You don’t have to be taught that killing someone is wrong, it just makes sense that killing someone is wrong. Human beings as a species have a respect for life. We have a shared goal of survival that entails the good of the world as a whole, not just the good of ourselves. Though we can be selfish, we ultimately care quite a bit about others, even those whom we don’t know. Just look at stories of lives saved or changed by strangers. It’s one of the things that separates us from other animals. We are inclined to love. Even with something as small as holding the door open, people are helping other people all the time.
Now, for some reason, the line of murder has become skewed with abortion. Excuses are made, and babies are killed. And it’s just so wrong, to think we live in a world where people are constantly justifying aborting children, to the point that being pro-life seems to have such a negative stigma. If you are pro-life, you don’t care about women’s rights. If you are pro-life, you are stingy and religious. You need to keep your god to yourself.
But where is that argument for the murder of adults? Where is that argument for stealing? You would never hear someone saying “Well, I don’t believe in the Bible, and ‘Thou shall not kill’ is one of the ten commandments in the Bible, so I don’t think it applies to me.”
We understand the difference between right and wrong. So why are abortions still happening? I don’t know.

Honestly, abortion makes no sense to me. Never have I heard a pro-choice argument that I felt was compelling in the least. I feel like there is no argument.
I am not pro-life because of religion. I am not even sure where I stand on a religious basis.
I am not pro-life because that’s what I was told in Catholic school. I disagree with plenty of the things I learned in Catholic school.
I am not pro-life because of my parents. In fact, my post-abortive mother is still pro-choice.
I am not pro-life because I am conservative. I would say I am far from conservative.
I am not even pro-life because of my aborted older brother.
I am pro-life because I cannot separate abortion from murder. I am pro-life because logic tells me that I cannot justify taking the lives of the helpless. I am for gay marriage because I think everyone has the right to love and I am against abortion because I think everyone has the right to live, and despite the misconception that all feminists are pro-choice, dammit, I’m a feminist too.

As previously mentioned, I am not pro-life because I have an aborted sibling. But it is so hard when presented with a pro-choice argument not to just say something like, “You support the murder of my brother?”

Mother’s Eyes

I often wonder how things would be different
Had you lived.
I wonder what adventures you would have had.
Would we have the same eyes,
Our mother’s eyes?
Would you be skinny and frail like she?
Or a bit sturdier like me?
Would you be my older and wiser friend?
Would we have letters to send?
Would you be a singer like me and our brothers?
Would we understand each other?

I often wonder how things would be different
Had you lived.
But you didn’t.
You might as well be made up in my head.
Your sister loves you,
Wherever you are.
I just wish I had known you before you were dead.


14 thoughts on “The Challenges Of Being Pro Life And A Non Christian

  1. Hi I would love to hear from you. I lost my older brother too. If you have a chance to write and share thoughts my email is Looking to talk to someone who has walked in the same shoes. Thanks. Angela

    • Hi Angela, thank you for responding. I will pass this on to the sibling who wrote this post. I am part of a group with 50 other siblings on facebook. It’s ‘secret’. If you are on facebook and would like to join, message me there.
      Do you mind if I share your email address with the others in the group?

  2. We need to be accepting and welcoming of different pro life people and their perspectives. I happen to be a Mormon. I participate regularly in pro life efforts in my area, and am proud to stand with Christians, non-Christians, feminists, atheists or agnostics, liberals, or little green men from Mars if they are standing up for life.

  3. If being a Christian is a critical part of being pro-life, why are over a quarter of Christians pro-choice?

    Use that question next time one of my ignorant Christian bretheren tries to invalidate your defense of life.

    • I’d have to say here, the reason there are Christians who are pro-choice is because of the lack of understanding in what it means to be a Christian, not because the Christian faith is a faulty support of being pro-life. And their willingness to berate people who are pro-life illustrates their lack of charity, further demonstrating the need for understanding of their own faith. To summarize, being Christian clearly doesn’t have to be a reason why someone is pro-life, and that certainly is okay, but it is the number one reason for me and many others.

  4. This essay makes some points I also made in another forum, but makes them much better than I did. How refreshing to see not a defensive crouch but instead this honest astonishment that anyone could *other* than pro-life.

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