Recent Comments From Other Siblings

These excite me! Recently I’ve been hearing from more siblings, and now know just over 50! Nice knowing others who feel the same. Hopefully we can get more speaking up, so that more resources are available for our healing.

*Right here with you. My parents aborted my sibling just months before my conception. I feel like i shouldn’t have been born

*Hi I would love to hear from you. I lost my older brother too. If you have a chance to write and share thoughts my email is Looking to talk to someone who has walked in the same shoes. Thanks. Angela

*JExcited that u got to go. I feel using all senses to get the message across is a good thing. The smell of the real shoes left an impression on your mind helping your brain fully realize what happened was real. I too get horrified when thinking of the way my sibling died also. Thinking of my own flesh going through that is what has also saved my child from that fate. The first time i saw one of those posters, i went home to research if it was fake. Many people don’t understand what abortion really does. Even a nursing graduate asked me the other day what happens during an abortion. When i told her, she did not believe me… They need the pictures. I wish they could watch it on an ultrasound happening. I wish they could smell the blood. My great fear is desensitization

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