Countering The ‘Abortion is NEEDED’ Statement

This was my response after seeing so many postings of a picture saying women NEED abortion for Valentine’s Day:

I keep seeing that meme or whatever saying something along the lines of ‘women deserve a safe and legal abortion for Valentine’s Day.’ Now she is entitled to her opinion, but I want to share a reflection from my mom, who on Valentine’s in ‘…95 went for an abortion. She describes before and after. No matter your views on this subject, I ask you to please be respectful if you choose to comment. I have been exposed to hurtful comments against her from both sides and really don’t want to deal with that now:
As a post abortive sibling, I do feel pain thinking of any siblings present and future that will lose their siblings on Friday. While not everyone is affected, I have a group on here, with over 50 who have all felt pain over the loss of our siblings, whether or not our parents do. Feel free to read the ‘my reflections’ section, as well as the ‘sibling’ section if you want to read more about it. #WhatWomenNeed
(Feel free to share this)

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