On Bashing And Writing Off The ‘Enemies’ (Part 2)

This is what I wrote on PLP after seeing them attacked once again for being unconventionals. I know plenty of you have received the same hatred and I am so sorry for you. Thanks for speaking up anyway.
As a CATHOLIC admin on here, I take offense with how you are speaking to (and about) my friends. This group has never bashed us for our beliefs, going so far as to confront AHA for their hatred of us. They have different religious views, yes, but the Pro Life Pagans exist to h…elp spread the message of abortion, in a way that is easier for many in this world to understand if they don’t know God as we know Him. As a post abortive sibling, I greatly appreciate all they are doing to spare families from my pain, and through them have actually met some hurting siblings. If I know they are not Christian, we just focus on our common pain. Frankly, I believe that God is actually very pleased with them, because they are showing great love to His Children regardless of creed, orientation, nationality, etc.
*Obviously, not all will agree, but I ask you to be respectful either way if you choose to comment.

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