Video Interview Speaks Of Sibling Pain

I am so excited! As some of you know, after writing a reflection last year, I was brought out to New York by the people at Facing Life Head On to film a segment of their episode on post abortive sibling pain. It was an extreme honor! I wasn’t sure when it would air, but today I received the DVD in the mail! What a lovely surprise!! 😀 If you would like to see it, head on over to their page: Also, please consider sharing it with others. I hope this was the first of many more episodes and such, raising awareness of our pain.

*By the way, it’s only a week and a day away, but here is the info for the upcoming sibling retreat. Even if you can’t make it, if you are interested, please contact Theresa. She has been so helpful to me on this journey of healing. So supportive to me and many, many more. Those who watch the video will see a bit of the retreat area. The first two interviews were in the chapel and the last two in the living room area, where we shared our stories. So cozy in a sense.

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