When Our Pain Is Minimized

Sadly, I  know so many who are hurting, either from the own abortions, the abortions of their siblings, loss of a loved one, etc. For me, the pain makes sense, and I do my best to be gentle, not putting them down, etc. But it’s so frustrating to see how many of them have their pain added to, even by family, who think they should be over it, etc.  Here is the testimony of one sibling, who went through it recently.

Mother was scared, tired from the previous baby 
and didn't feel up to it, I can understand that, it's father I'm really 
angry with because a) he didn't protect my sibling like he was supposed 
to (mother was vulnerable but what's his excuse? why didn't he assure 
her things will work out?) and b) he asked me why I have this idea that 
he should care about what I think. Although in all fairness I made him 
angry too, said they killed my brother which I shouldn't have said 
except their initial casual attitude was very painful, couldn't bear 
those indifferent faces, those matter-of-fact voices. They were so 
surprised that I would be hurt by my sibling's abortion, so convinced it 
can't affect me and shouldn't matter because I was wanted and never in 
any danger myself. Told me to stop "exaggerating", enough with this 
"silly" stuff. Both want me to just stop being upset about it (they, or 
at least mother, care about me crying but won't accept the truth about 
abortion, they see it as some sort of unfortunate accident), so guess 
I'm back to keeping my mouth shut again.


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