Prayers Of Reparation

I know not all who read this blog are Christians, so I rarely post things directed at one group or another, but today I wanted to post some powerful links for those who are interested. I ask that if you choose to comment, you do so respectfully, no matter your views. To this point, thankfully, all have been respectful.

A while back, I learned of the Holy Face Devotion, the purpose of which is to make reparation for the wounds our Lord has suffered as a result of the profanation of His Holy Name and days of obligation, etc. Also, since He is so deeply hurt by the abortion of His Precious Children, I thought these prayers would be great for pro lifers to say for an end to abortion, the conversion of the abortionists, etc. Here are the links to the  Chaplet Of Reparation, the Litany Of The Holy Face, and prayers of reparation to be said on the weekend, though I say them several times a week:

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the pages as well, for more information on this powerful devotion. And if you are in facebook, you are welcome to request entrance to: Holy Face Prayer Group ( )

In closing, I leave you with one of our favorite prayers: ‘Admirable is the Name of God and adorable is His Face!’

Holy Face



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