Caught In The Middle

Being pro life, and a post abortive family member can be rather tricky. Surely not for all, but for a number of us, while we were deeply hurt by the abortion of our sibling, niece/nephew, etc we still very much love the mother. For a long time, I did not share the fact that I was hurting over the abortion, because I didn’t want to add pain to mom. Also, I avoided the pro life movement after finding out, because I felt that being against abortion, was the same as them being against my mom. Obviously, I have made lots of progress in those areas, but still struggle from time to time. It is really hard to be in a debate (partly because I am not very cool with confrontation) but also because I can’t help but wonder if the pro ‘choicer’ is that way because they too, lost a loved one but still love the mother. Or do not feel welcomed for some reason (more on that in another post).
Hope this all makes sense. Just wanted to share with you a point of view you hadn’t thought of perhaps.
Peace to all of you and thanks for reading 🙂


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